Skirting Season Begins

here at Schoonover Farm.  I had three Shetland fleeces finally dry after a very wet March.  They had belonged to Diddley (our friendliest sheep), Velvet, and Logan.  I will put Diddley’s black fleece for sale at Our Fiber for Sale page.  Velvet’s I will hang on to for a bit.  I am hoping to bring a couple of fleeces to Black Sheep Gathering this year for Judith MacKenzie to judge, and Velvet’s unique ram lamb fleece is in contention for this.  Unfortunately Logan’s fleece was partly felted and not good enough to sell.  As the fleeces dry, I will skirt, judge and photograph them, and the good enough ones will be put up for sale.  Here’s the pictures from today:


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  1. Liz says:

    That black is beautiful!

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