Rocky the Rabbit

Rocky the rabbit

Rocky, our Jersey Wooly rabbit, died today.  He was born in April 2004 so was old for a rabbit.  I purchased him in December of that year as I was trying different fiber rabbits to see what I liked best.  He was a neutered rabbit so was a companion animal to many of my other rabbits.


And he made nice wool for his size.

rabbit fiber

He never had any behavior or health problems and was much easier to keep than the Angora rabbits.  I have decided that if I am going to continue to have rabbits that I will choose the Jersey Woolies.  He was a great rabbit to have.  He is now gone but I do still have his wool.


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4 Responses to Rocky the Rabbit

  1. margaret says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of all your animals I lost my large german shepard last week and I thought of you.I sure hope you don’t lose anymore animals this year
    I used to have a farm and I know how this happens..I guess its just part of life but not good when so many of our friends pass so quickly

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Margaret. The problem we are having now is that our animals are getting old and we have really slowed down on breeding. So there are going to be more deaths than births in our future. I need to get used to it.


  2. kapperkay says:

    Rest in peace, Rocky…..he was just gorgeous! I’m sorry you’ve suffered yet another loss. Just know that these beautiful creatures lived a charmed life with you as their ‘mama’. There’s always some peace in knowing you gave them an amazing life.

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