Why Does It Always Rain on Hoof Trimming Day?


Invariably, it does not just rain but it pours, torrentially.  I have an assembly line system where I kick the skinny goats and sheep out of the barn, hold the goats needing trimming in one half of the barn, entice them one at a time onto the large spool with grain and trim their hooves there, thus saving my back.

Brown Sugar

But the downside to this system is that once a goat’s hooves are trimmed, the goat is lead outside the barn, and there is no shelter since the barn door is shut.

Billy and Mr D

And goats hate rain.  They act like they are dying (although they are not).  Here is poor Jack trying to figure out how to get into the barn.


I was disappointed that some of the hoof rot is returning.  So far it is mild (except Billy-Asa’s front feet).  They are not in any pain so I trimmed them up good and put Dr. Naylor’s on them all.  The zinc foot bath treatments we did last November certainly helped but apparently not permanently.  I will probably have to do them again but will wait for now since it is logistically difficult.

PS  I finished all of the posts regarding our trip to Wales and England.  The first post is at https://cideradventure.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/preparations-and-flight-to-heathrow/ and you can click in the upper right corner to go to the subsequent posts.

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  1. Kathy Samuel says:

    Poor you! I hope the weather’s better next time!

  2. sheepsclothing says:

    sorry to hear that the hoof rot is back. that is a bummer.

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