Barn Electricity

buried line

Today, after 12 years, we finally have reliable electricity for the barn.  Until this point we have been using various types of extension cords.  But we have had problems with accidentally mowing them and then they short out when it rains.  We even had one cord catch fire near our barn wall.  You would think then, since a barn fire is one of my worst nightmares, that it would have taken less than 12 years.  But there is always a crisis project that needs to be done so other tasks get put on the back burner*.  But now the barn electricity became a crisis project.  Tom had accidentally mowed the extension cord a couple of weeks ago, and chicks are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  So now we have a buried electric cord out to the barn (above) and waterproof plugs in the barn (below).

electric plug

We also have new lights in the barn.

barn light

This work was done with a motley crew looking on.

motley crew

*which is why the Truck of my Dreams will never be fixed.


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6 Responses to Barn Electricity

  1. Tom Schoonover says:

    truck is on the list, gotta get it done this summer

  2. Teresa says:

    I wouldn’t know what to do without the electricity in my barn. It is wonderful! Glad you finally got it done.

  3. Michelle says:


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