Summer Chores

Izzy and tractor

 We have been working really hard on getting the summer chores done.  We have been using our new tractor quite a bit.  I have been using it to clean out the pens in the barn, and Tom has been using it to build shelters for equipment.  Izzy has been using it for sleeping and grooming.

crusher blackberries

We have also been continuing to harvest from our garden and freezing blueberries and green beans.  I picked 14.5 pounds of blackberries to start a batch of wine.  Tom picked 3 boxes of peaches for canning.

canned peaches

It seems like all of the summer chores are for getting ready for a long winter.

PS  We received a free Welsummer rooster.  We got it the same day one of our old Welsummer hens died.  This is one of the many benefits of having a neighborhood BBQ.  Hopefully he will replace our old rooster that recently died.

Welsummer rooster

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  1. Michelle says:

    That’s a gorgeous rooster! We’re busy bees here, too. I love the seasonal rhythms.

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