We had a bad day


While I was home feeling sorry for myself with my wasp stings, Tom went and picked up our new piglets and brought them home.  I decided to get the baling twine ready for rope making for Fiber Day at Bow Little Market this Thursday and cleaning the house.  I figured I could not get into too much more trouble with these activities.  The piggies were initially somewhat traumatized by the move and were hiding in the back of their shelter.  They were having a bad day.

Then Tom asked me what happened to Rocky.  I had been vacuuming and did not hear anything, but this is what Rocky’s face looks like.

scratched Rocky

There are three linear scratches on his cheek.  I am thinking a feral cat that has been hanging around took a swipe at him, but it could be another critter.  Rocky is also having a bad day.

My facial swelling had improved but now is much worse.  I am not sure how work is going to go tomorrow with this.  We had grilled fish, steamed fresh green beans and wine/cider for dinner and homemade strawberry ice cream for desert.  The pigs seem to be settling in and rooting around.  And Rocky is sleeping soundly on the couch.  So I am hoping things will start getting better.  I still am ready for summer to be over though.


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4 Responses to We had a bad day

  1. Elin says:

    Poor Rocky!

  2. Denise says:

    Poor Rocky is right. That looks like a serious swipe- maybe bigger than a cat?

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