Burnt Cabin

Here are photos that Tom took this weekend helping my father clean up the debris after the fire at the cabin.  Compare these photos to those of the previous slideshow to see what it looked like before the fire came through.  The first photo is the start of the fire at the bottom of the mountain on the way up to the cabin.

fire line

The only things that survived at the cabin were the swing and the small windmill.



This is a photo of the foundation of the cabin.  It is weakened by the heat and not usable again.

cabin foundation

This is what is left of the wood stove and pipe.


Here is the remains of a small shed near the storage containers.

shed near containers

This is the inside of one of the containers.  This is where my father kept his motorcycles, quads and snowmobiles.

inside container

This is the molten aluminum coming out of the container.

molten aluminumHere are two of the quads.  It is incredible the heat that must have been produced to cause this much damage.


Here is a view of the remains of the quads, motorcycles and snowmobiles pulled up to where the cabin was to get ready for disposal.

quads snowmobiles and motorcycles

This is the view of the front of what was the cabin with the pile of rubble.  The fire pit survived.  The shed that help the firewood is destroyed but barely standing.



This is the Christmas tree.  The tree guys who came by today said it will die.

christmas tree1

christmas tree1

This is the remains of the castle.



This is the remains of the trailer with the deck.

trailer with deck

This is the new view from what was the cabin.

view now

And this is the corner of Robbins and Snag Canyon Roads.  This is in the heart of the fire.  It is about 1/4 mile from my father’s cabin.

robbins and snag canyon


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  1. I am speechless……..

  2. Michelle says:

    To see how the fire incinerated what was in the storage units is jaw-dropping. I don’t know how the firemen do what they do….

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