Harvesting and Upcoming Events

scrap manure spreader

So today, Tom and I were harvesting.  Tom was harvesting scrap metal from old farm equipment.  He dragged and cut up an old manure spreader (above), an old trailer and an old hay elevator (below).  Once he is done, he will haul this in for money.

scrap metal


While he was doing this, I was gathering produce.  I got cucumbers, sunflower heads, pears, lettuce, swiss chard, beets, and carrots.  These are for ourselves, our critters and our produce stand.   I dried some salted sunflower seeds and canned pears today.  Plus I made some great chef’s salads for lunches and excellent Braised Pork with Pears and Chiles for dinner.

asian pears for pigs

We are going to be involved in a couple of upcoming events.  There is a Harvest Market on Saturday, October 4 from 10-4 at Belfast Feed Store.  This is at 6200 N Green Rd, Burlington, WA.  There will be vendors of handmade items, food and musicians. We will have fibers and apples for sale. There will also be apple pressing. So stop by if you are in the area and bring your apples!

We are also going to participate in the Holiday Festival on Saturday, November 15 from 10-4 at Beau Lodge.  This is located at 17581 Wood Rd Bow, WA.  This is a local festival with vendors selling homemade gifts and food. There are musicians there as well as hot cider and treats in a gorgeous location. There is also a fiber room with a variety of fibers for sale and beautiful handmade wooden knitting and crochet needles and spindles.

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  1. Bringing any of your harvest and/or preserves to the Food Swap from 2-4 at the Harvest Market?

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