Prolonged Harvest

We have not had a frost yet so the harvest continues.  I am still picking cucumbers.  I am giving them to the chickens except saving a few for Greek salads.  I am picking zucchini and making chips with them.  The sunflower heads are drying as are the bean pods for seeds for next year.  The pumpkins need carving, and I am eating the spaghetti squash regularly.  I have not been doing much with the chard, but we are eating the carrots, beets and onions regularly.  Tomatoes are also going into the Greek salads.  Tom dug up the potatoes the other day, and they are now drying. apples and potatoesWe pressed 50 gallons of apple cider yesterday and are quite sore and tired afterward.  We had a lamb and steer butchered, and I have been delivering the meat.  We have been busy.

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