Escaped Rams

rams in flockSo last night when we went to bed, we heard a thumping sound.  We should have investigated it, but we were too tired.  This morning when I was trying to quickly do animal chores because I had an afternoon class in Seattle, I found the reason.  Our rams had busted out of their barn pen and then busted through the gate to the ewes.  They were running around in the whole flock minus three elderly sheep in another pen.  Above they are having a great time.  I managed to chase the flock out, leaving the rams behind.  Below there are looking longingly toward the ewes.


I then chased the rams two pastures away where the gate is muddy enough that I do not think they will be interested in bashing it open. So we may have quite a few bastard lambs in the spring. Our only hope is that not many ewes were cycling this late in the season. And Tom is not happy about my Christmas present ram, living up to his name.

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7 Responses to Escaped Rams

  1. What would life be without farm adventures!

  2. Donna says:

    So I figured out it was 17 ewes that were exposed to our rams yesterday. Some of these ewes should not be bred due to age or previous lambing/mastitis issues.

  3. Lois Moore says:

    Oh Donna, crossing fingers for you. If anyone was cycling, at least you will know lambing date of ewes bred on this escapade (even though you won’t know whose it was). RAMS!

  4. Tammy says:

    Geeesh. The one time I had a ram go rogue he climbed under the fence (he was quite young and small) and managed to breed three ewes in less than three hours and one of those was an ‘oldie’. I’m sure that doesn’t make you feel any better…with two rams and all night to work. 😉


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