Our Wassail

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Yesterday we had our first Wassail.  Here is the schedule of events and the lyrics to the song we sung.

Wassail schedule and lyrics

And here is the map of the orchard we wassailed.

Wassail map

We definitely ate, drank and got merry in our purple lit car port with ciders and a great variety of warm foods.  In the rain we then toasted bread over the bon fire.  We then proceeded in loud procession to 12 of our cider apple trees.  We had horns, drums, sticks, and whistles to scare away evil orchard spirits. Then we placed cider dipped toast in the branches of 12 of our traditional cider apple trees.  Jerry placing toast in tree Denise placing toast in tree

Patty placing toast in treeTom poured cider on the roots of each tree after it received its toast.  These activities are to improve the health and harvest of the tree.

Tom pouring Wassil on roots

We then intrepidly gathered around the Yarlington Mill tree and sang the Whimple Wassail song led by our musical director Anne (behind the tree).

Anne leading us in Whimple Wassail song

Wassail singersRather than shoot volleys of bullets through it branches, we shot fireworks.


Then it was time to enjoy the remainder of the bonfire, make s’mores and drink further under the purple lit car port.

carport lights

Hopefully our orchard appreciates the efforts, and we will get a large harvest of apples this year!  Thanks to everyone who participated in our efforts!!!

PS  Here is the recipe I used to make the Traditional Wassail, and here is the one I used omitting the sherry and brandy and using apple juice for our non-alcoholic Wassail.

Here is a video of a crowd learning the Whimple Wassail song, not sounding that different from us.

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