Tired Farm Thoughts

I got home from a night shift at work late today. So I was pretty tired doing the farm chores. But then I noticed a couple of sheepy things that made me smile. First I noticed our future fleeces in the sunshine in all their variety and wooly glory.
Future fleeces in the sunAnd then Moll wanted petting for some reason.

Petting MollSo as I was finishing the chores I got to thinking about how much I love this lifestyle.  I am much more in touch with nature, the earth, the seasons and the weather than I used to be. It is good exercise.  I get to enjoy the most amazing foods and fibers.  I get to meet incredible people and support a wide variety agricultural businesses.  And I get to live with these wonderful animals that make me smile.  This life is exhausting and sometimes incredibly sad, but I still love it.  Now I will take a nap.

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  1. mbrook2014 says:

    That’s such a good attitude. Turns out things are never perfect, but there are so many beautiful moments along the way.

  2. I moved to a farm some months ago and kept my full-time job. I know the feeling of coming home tired after work and going outside to feed the animals. But I also know what blessing it is to live here. Enjoy it!

  3. Kathyb. says:

    Seems this is the time of year to grow weary of all that is required in keeping livestock. Doing chores in the wet & mud and seeing all the work that is often done in the dark because of the hours, but then just as I begin to think I should sell most of my animals I remember again how much I really love this way of life and soon there will be LAMBS ! Yay !!!!!

    Your sheep look well-loved to me, happy sheep, happy shepherdess.

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