Spring Sheep Maintenance

Today was sheep maintenance day.  So all 33 of our sheep had to have their hooves trimmed, Vision CDT shots, Copasure copper boluses, albendazole administration, and their condition, wool and conjunctival color assessed.  Our flock is getting older so we have to more careful in our handling of them and checking their condition under their wool well.  We used the chair again.  Here is Miss Lizzie (conceived on the day Tom and I met) enjoying her mani-pedi.

Miss Lizzie in chairAnd here’s Logan enjoying his.

Logan in chair

And Tanya.

Tanya in chair

So if the above is the sheep torture chair then this is the sheep torture table.

sheep torture table

And this is what happens if you take a break and leave a goat in the barn with the sheep torture table.

chewed up sheep notes and pill dispenserYour notes get chewed on.  On the very first sheep, she chewed the end of the pill dispenser I had been searching for to give the copper boluses and destroyed the tip of it.  So I had to go back to using a vaginal cream applicator.

pill dispensers

We finished up with the two rams, Bambam Too and Lewis, and both decided to turn their heads up for some reason.

Bambam in chairLewis in chair

There were no surprises.  The ones that we knew are thin were the only ones I thought were thin.  And the ones with chronic foot problems were the only ones with foot problems.  So all in all a good day.  Next will be shearing after we all recover.

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