Games and Loss

So NBC Nightly News now with Lester Holt (which I sometimes watch) had a segment tonight about the new popularity of board games.  Apparently there are businesses popping up that rent the board games to be played in their establishments.  It brought back a lot of memories of my childhood and lots of board games at my Gramma White’s house.  I did manage to inherit several of those old games, although Sorry (which was a favorite) seems to be missing.  Here are the game I have, which I now intend to play again:

gamesAfter I re-found these games I had a sudden and unexpected flood of tears.  I realize it is because the people who have known me since birth and truly loved me since then has diminished very recently.  But I still have the memories of the three that are gone and the physical reminders of their love.  And I also have the love of several people who have met me since then.  But I might ask them to play board games with me.

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