Trimming Old Sheep

Bob before trimmingToday I trimmed the wool from three of our seven old skinny sheep.  In March it was too cold to have them sheared, but now the weather is getting warmer, and I do not want them to get too hot. Plus I want them to grow wool back before winter.  Above is Bob before trimming, and below is him afterwards.

Bob after trimming

Bob is one of my first lambs born in 2000.  Here is a photo of me holding him as a lamb.


He was the first lamb I had out of my all time favorite sheep Babette.  Her descendants are the friendliest of our sheep and have wool I love to spin (maybe because I learned with her wool).  Here’s a photo of Babette.

babetteAt 15 we probably will not have Bob much longer.  But I want the rest of his life to be as comfortable as possible.



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  1. Jody says:

    You are a kind soul Donna :-))

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