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Summer Chores

Now that it is summer it has gotten much busier here at Schoonover Farm. There are younguns to take care of.  Today I moved the 24 recent chicks into a larger pen.  This meant I had to remove an older … Continue reading

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New Pigs!

Tom picked up our new pigs yesterday.  They are all castrated male pigs from the same litter and are 8 weeks old.  They are Hereford pigs like our others.  No names yet.  I wanted to give them Seven Dwarves’ names … Continue reading

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Black Sheep Gathering 2015

We had a short and somewhat hectic trip to Oregon this weekend.  We drove to Eugene on Friday, getting there late because of Seattle, Tacoma and Portland traffic.  Saturday morning I visited the BSG.  I visited the new vendor area where … Continue reading

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