An Aurora Whim

At bedtime last night, we decided to drive to see if we could see the aurora borealis. It was forecast to be active last night.  We have a hill to the north of us so decided to drive west over Bow Hill to Edison to see if we could see them.  I was in my pajamas so I grabbed a coat, shoes and my camera, and we headed out in the dark.

At Edison we did not see anything so we decided to drive further west to Anacortes where there have been quite a few cool Northern lights photos posted recently.  We drove along the waterline there and still no lights.  So it was my bright idea to spend the night in Anacortes so we could get up at 2:00 AM and hopefully see the lights.

Well, at 2:00 there were no lights either.  But when we woke up this morning we had an amazing view.

Anacortes view

Here is Tom sipping his coffee and enjoying it.

Tom with coffee and view

Then I had to make it to our car in the daylight in my pajamas, and we drove home.  It was a nice break to the routine, but I still have never seen the Aurora lights despite living in Washington State the vast majority of my life.  Tom has seen them before though.

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4 Responses to An Aurora Whim

  1. Michelle says:

    We THOUGHT we saw them once here. Got to see lots of incredible displays when we lived in Minnesota. Had to endure some incredibly cold nights to do so, though! Can you say “30 below”???

  2. Tammy says:

    I’ve seen them twice over my lifetime…here in Missouri. I hope to see them again—they are just incredible. Glad you at least got a nice –if short–break from the farm anyway!


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