canned pears

is a great month to take a vacation, but when we got back we were behind on harvesting and preserving our fruits, vegetable and herbs.  We have been trying to catch up since we got back.  I canned 15 quarts of pears and continue to dry zucchini chips.


I froze the last of our corn harvest.

last of the corn

Tom has been pressing apples for his cider.

apple cider

I canned 15 quarts of tomatoes.

canned tomatoes

I had already dried basil, oregano, thyme and sage but still had to dry the garlic chives, spearmint and peppermint.

chives and mint

The fruit flies are bad right now with all the ripe produce that has been in the house. I even had to put a lid on my glass of wine last night.

wine with lid

We will still have more apples to press, tomatoes to can, potatoes and onions to harvest and dry, squash to harvest and store, and quince to figure out what to do with (one of our pear tree reverted back to its quince rootstock this year).  We have asian pears to harvest and feed to the pigs.  We are letting the Weinlander beans left go to seed so they will need to be picked and dried.  Carrots, turnips, and beets will need to be harvested and stored.  Chard needs to be harvested and eaten.  September is a busy time of year.

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  1. sheepsclothing says:

    you should make membrillo with the quinces!
    so yummy with manchego

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