Letter I wrote to PLU

Below is one of the letters I wrote to each of the members of the Board of Regents of PLU as well as to PLU President Thomas Krise and PLU Communications VP Donna Gibbs regarding the acquisition of KPLU by KUOW.




PLU letter page 2

There is some more information about this sale at http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2015/12/why-are-plu-and-uw-administrators.html.  It ends with

Time for the Community to Intervene

It is time for the public of public radio to intervene.  That means many of you who read this blog.  UW and PLU administrations are rapidly putting these deal together and plan on signing a contract by Dec. 18th.   This needs to be stopped.

Please write and email the PLU and UW key administrators, as well as the PLU and UW regents, telling them to hold off and give KPLU a chance to secure financing.  (contact info below)

Contact your local media outlets, write letters and op-eds, and leave comments on PLU/UW/KUOW facebook pages.

Let KUOW know that if they have so much cash for take-overs, you will not be pledging anymore.

 But whatever you do, do it quickly.  Time is of the essence.

And if you want more information, go to savekplu.org

We can save KPLU, but it will take major pressure on the decision makers.”

Please help if you can.  

Contact Lists

PLU President:
Thomas Krise (krisetw@plu.edu)
PLU Communications VP:
Donna Gibbs (gibbsdl@plu.edu)

PLU Board of Regents:
Ed Grogan (ed@summitplans.com)
Brad Tilden (brad.tilden@alaskaair.com)
Tony Hicks (tony.hicks@hospira.com)
Mack Hogans (hmackmack@msn.com)
Matt Iseri (MattIseri@TokuSaku.com)
Richard Jaech (jaechre@plu.edu)
Lisa Kittilsby (lisak@gravelpits.com)
Lisa Korsmo (lkorsmo@cloverpark.k12.wa.us)
Mark Miller (mark.miller@plumcreek.com)
Jonette Blakney (Pastor.ShepherdoftheHills@gmail.com)
Susan Caulkins (scaulkins@dpearson.com)
Andrew Finstuen (andrewfinstuen@boisestate.edu)
Darren Hamby (dhamby@fhlbsea.com)   -  Invalid address???
Jeffrey Rippey (jeff@jrippey.com)
Laura Rothenberger (lrothenb@uw.edu)
Jan Ruud (jruud@smlutheran.org)
Laurie Soine (lsoine@u.washington.edu)
Charleen Tachibana (charleen.tachibana@vmmc.org)
Martin Wells (msmmwells@aol.com)
Osamu Matsutani (osamu.matsutani@hcahealthcare.com)

UW Board of Regents:
Bill Ayer (bill.ayer@alaskaair.com)   - Invalid Address???
Kristianne Gates Blake (kristib@ptera.net)
Jeremy Jaech (j_jaech@hotmail.com)
Vanessa Kritzer (vkritzer@uw.edu)
Patrick Shanahan (patrick.m.shanahan@boeing.com)
Herb Simon (simonjohnson@simonjohnsonllc.com)
Orin Smith (osmith30@comcast.net)
Rogelio Riojas (rogelioriojas@seamarchc.org)
Joanne Harrell (jharrell@microsoft.com)

KUOW Board of Directors:
Chris Higashi (chris.higashi@spl.org)
Colleen Echohawk (colleen@chiefseattleclub.org)
Dennis Kenny (dennis@illuminage.com)
Indranil Ghosh (Indranil.Ghosh@premera.com)
Jon Schorr (schorr@carneylaw.com)
Judith Endejan (jendejan@gsblaw.com)
Nelson Dong (dong.nelson@dorsey.com)
Shauna Causey (shauna@everymove.com)
Steve Hill (steve.hill@pinchot.edu)
Susan Queary (squeary@badermartin.com)
Vivian Phillips (VivianP@STGPresents.org)
Wier Harman (wier@townhallseattle.org)



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  1. Great Donna. We all need to write letters. Thank you for doing this. Save Cliff Mass!

  2. LaceLady says:

    beautifully written, and I agree with you completely! thanks for all of the links. Hope you aren’t flooding – let us know if you need a hand.

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