Schoonover Farm Puzzles

I have been enjoying making online jigsaw puzzles with some of my favorite photos that also seem like they would also make good puzzles.  The puzzles all have roughly 100 pieces, but the ones with rotate in the title you need to rotate the pieces which makes it harder.  I have been working on one puzzle an evening, and it has been enjoyable.  I need to stay home with Mopar and work on getting her to eat, cleaning up after her, and keeping her warm.  So puzzles are a nice distraction.  The puzzles are at and the photos I used to make the puzzles are below.

popcorn open shawl pigs in trough chicks in box motley crew 3 hens Autumn sun swans first shot sheep backs chloe sunlitrooster rabbitsandhay turkey goatherd goatsstove peacockfront lambsoil rabbits3weeksthree ramsDONNA SUNSET MOPAR

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