Sheep Shearing 2016

Photographs by Alan Showalterunshorn sheep

Today we had our shearing day.  The first step was to catch the unshorn sheep in the barn to try to dry them out for 24 hours.  The next step is to catch them one by one (while your mother-in-law laughs).  Tom and Eliz were the sheep catchers.

Tom catching hseep with Mom laughing

Next is holding the sheep while awaiting the prior sheep to be done.

Tom with Jethro

You can pick hay bits off of naughty sheep while you are waiting.

pre shearing picking

Then the sheep are sheared.

Shearing moorit Shetland

black Shetland being shearedmioget katmoget being sheared


CVM being shearedBambam being sheared

Denise above was our wool gatherer extraordinaire.  I was the broom gal and sheep identifier.

Donna with broom

Here is most of the crew in action.

shearing gang

There is a chicken inspecting the work.

chicken watching

After each animal is sheared, Joe escorted them out of the barn.

escaping barn

And the shorn sheep stand in the pasture looking a little bewildered.

sheared sheep

We finished up with two Nigora goats.

Mr D being sheared

Brown Sugar being sheared

Here is the ram group looking mighty small after their shearing.

small rams and wethers

It was then time for pizza and hard cider.  Following that the wool was all laid out to dry.

wool drying in living room

Another shearing day is done.  But our work has just begun as we need to dry these fleeces then skirt, weigh and judge them.  But the big first step is over and it went quite well, thanks to our great shearing team!

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5 Responses to Sheep Shearing 2016

  1. Michelle says:

    You are so blessed to have a TEAM! Here, it’s just me and the shearer….

  2. Janella says:

    How do you treat nicks that occur during shearing? Our shearer, who is not very familiar with Shetlands, Said the lanolin in their skin would heal it on its own. The lady we bought out sheep from said we should use vetrimycin?? Any tips? Also, any tips for selling the fleece? I have ten fleece skirted and rolled up in my garage- would like to keep a couple to process myself, but I’m new to the industry. 8 of 10 are registered shetland…

    • Donna says:

      I used to treat them with Blue Cote but for superficial nicks I do not treat them anymore. This time of year flies are not an issue and they heal quite quickly. I have sold my fleeces on Yahoo fiber lists, Ravelry, facebook pages, on my blog site and at wool events. It is a little tricky as it is a limited and particular market.

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