My 51st Birthday

was yesterday, so I spoiled myself (after getting up quite early and doing the farm chores).  First I went to Providence Hospital to pick up egg cartons (not really spoiling but needed to be done and great to see Diane again!).  Then I went to the Olympus Spa, soaked in the pools, had a body scrub and moisturizer, had a lunch of really good Korean food, and then spent time in heated rooms.  This was very relaxing.  I went home, met Tom, and we went out to dinner at the Chuckanut Manor.  My uncle Arney had suggested I have a Flamingo 75 drink.  The bartender did not know what that was but made me this beautiful and tasty French 75 instead.

French 75

My friend Erin and her husband Lennert were there too, celebrating his birthday yesterday.  We all got to enjoy an amazing sunset along with great food and drink.

birthday sunset

Then Tom and I went home, and I got some of my birthday loot.  I expect some more later in the week, but here is what I received so far.  It confirms my northwest nerd status, I think.

birthday loot

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4 Responses to My 51st Birthday

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy belated birthday!!!

  2. Tina T-P says:

    Wow, what great “loot” you got for your Birthday. Glad it was happy!
    The Shepherd continues to improve – we took part in the Wonderful Woollies Farm Sale today at Doug & Yvonne Madsen’s – attendance of customers was less than stellar, but all the other vendors were very helpful to John when he was setting up and took it all down for me later, as I had taken him home earlier.
    My Grandma & Grandpa had big wild rose bushes planted in our chicken yard over in eastern Wash. The chickens would hide in them when ever they perceived a threat from above. Yeah for your geese! T.

    • Donna says:

      So happy to hear John is doing better. I wish the sale had better attendance.

      I am not sure a wild rose would survive in our chicken yard. Nothing else seems to.

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