Herons, Goats and Pigs, Oh My!

We have quite a few Great Blue Herons around here (we call them GBHs).  We see them on our fence posts or flying awkwardly out of our ditches.  They like to eat our frogs.  But today doing the animal chores I noticed the size of their footprints compared to my boot print in the mud.  They are impressively big.

heron prints

Today was goat maintenance day.  So we enticed each of our 16 goats onto our large wire spool.  I trimmed and treated their hooves and checked their body condition, coat and conjunctival color. Tom gave them each a copper capsule and wormer.  Here is the last (and least cooperative) goat Mavis getting her spa treatment.

mavis on spool

Finally we drove to Birdsview and picked up there little pigs from John and Teresa Jonasson.  They are Hereford pigs, and they are awfully cute.  We placed them in their pen, and they immediately started to root up the ground.  We have two females and one male.  We have not decided on names yet.

three little pigs

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