Our Goat Herd

Magpie PG

Magpie, born 2/1/2003


Saphie, born 2/6/04

miss smith and patches

Patches Pal, born 4/30/2005

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar, born 2/25/2006


Dean, born 4/14/2006

tom zeus and barn wall that needs fixing

Zeus, born 2006


Meadowlark, born 2/19/2007


Gertrude, born 2/19/2007


Bumble, born 3/23/2008


Shortie, born 4/3/2009

Mr D being sheared

Mr. D, born 4/5/2009

Even more lambs, a greenhouse and Pee Wee

Peewee, born 4/12/2009

miss smith

Miss Smith Delivery, born 3/22/2010


Jack Sparrow, born 4/2010

Billy and Shorty

Billy Asa, born 6/2010


Mavis, born 3/23/2012

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