Our Other Critters

Marji sniffing mother's death spot

Mari, born 4/8/13


Indy, born 9/18/14


Walker, born ~1997

fancy sheared

Fancy, born 2000

Reindeer Olivia

Olivia, born 6/6/1994


Marty, born 2001

Larry, Moe and Curly

Larry, Curly and Moe, born 3/2016


Mopar, born 2002

rocky outside with sweater

Rocky, born 2004

Sunny sit

Sunny, born 10/2006

doogie and knitting

Doogie, born 1/2000


Chloe, born 3/15/06

Izzy in morning sun

Izzy, born 6/28/2009

brushed Beavis

Beavis, born 4/2/2010


Scoobie, born 4/3/2010

peacock in sun

Peacock, born 7/2/13


Peahen (in back), born 7/2/13

attack geese

Geese, born 2006 and earlier

chickens eating cake

Chickens, variety of ages

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