Central Washington Agricultural Museum and Stone Family Cabin Trip

So I took a much needed break from the farm and went east.  On Thursday I went to the Central Washington  Agricultural Museum in Union Gap.  Anyone who is ever in Washington State NEEDS to visit this museum.  It is so cool!  It is more than agricultural artifacts but all kinds of stuff that has been donated by them.  Some of it has been fixed up and some not quite yet. Here is a small portion of what I saw that is from my interests.




Wenas Sheepcamp stove

Wenas sheep camp stove

Sheepherders wagon

sheepherders wagon

inside sheepherders wagon

inside of sheepherders wagon

Please, somebody, tell me what this is.

what is this

What is this?

My great grand father was in business with this Sellers.  I am not sure if it was before or after this apple crate label.

Sellers apple box label

Sellers apple box label

A few old tractors:

Gibson Super tractor

Gibson Super tractor

Avery Gas-Oil tractor

Avery gas-oil tractor

I love combines!

McCormick-Deering Combine

McCormick-Deering combine

I could imagine this farmer giving up on this baler for the last times and walking away despite hay still being in it!

Old baler with hay bales still inside

old baler with hay bales still in it


Old Dodge trucks

old Dodge trucks

Another Dodge truck

another Dodge truck

Pea viners are a childhood story in Skagit County

Old pea viners

old pea vines

I love this homemade tractor!

Deer John tractor

deer john tractor

Real horse hair!

Apple washer with horse hair on it

apple washer with horse hair on it

A cool older apple sorter.  Not sure how the apple scales quite worked.

First portion of apple sorter

first portion of apple sorting machine

second portion of apple sorter

second portion of apple sorting machine

I loved this alcohol measuring kit and its official stamps (I believe from Washington State inspectors)

Alcohol measuring kit

alcohol measuring kit

Some of the certifications stamps for this kit

some of the certification stamps of kit

For my husband, a surveyor:

Old surveyors equipment

old surveyors equipment

Old brass transit

old brass transit

And a cider maker:

Cider press

cider press

We decorated graves in Yakima, and then headed back to our family’s cabin and relaxed.  I knitted,

Edgar rock and wool

Edgar Rock and wool

the beagles relaxed,

Beagles on front porch

beagles on front porch

And Mo explored.

Mopar on river

Mopar on river

Hat knitting supplies on porch

progress on hat

Cowichan sweater sleeve

Cowichan sweater sleeve

I also finished A Bright and Shining Lie, a great book about the Vietnam War.  I learned a lot from it.  My back and my mind are much better now.

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