August Farming

Between us both working full-time and family illnesses and a death, we are way behind in our summer farming.  So it is stressful, but some of the sights here make me smile despite the list.

The pigs and their wallow:

pigs wallowing

Sydney being cute:

Sydney being cute

The garden that desperately needs weeding, watering and harvesting.  I have been picking peas and beans, freezing them, and picking cucumbers.

needy garden

The orchard desperately needs mowing and harvesting.  Here are the peaches I picked off of our tree that now need canning.  I also have two boxes of plums that need to be made into wine with many more on the way.  Tom has been picking and sweating apples.  He is pressing his first batch of apples for cider today.


I have also been picking berries.  Below are the last of the blueberries and half of the blackberries I picked in one afternoon.  I have been freezing the blueberries and making wine with the blackberries.  I have two carboys fermenting already and a lot more blackberries still to ripen.

last of the blueberries half of the blackberries

So we have been busy but with rewards of meat, vegetables, cider, fruit and wine this winter.  

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