August Boles Trip

sleepy beagle

We visited our Boles trailer on the mountain this last weekend for a much needed break.  We brought the dogs too, and Rocky our beagle decided to go on a walkabout after a scent trail.  He did eventually come back, very tired (above).

We enjoyed our new deck, watching the skypink clouds

sunset from new deck

Tom replaced a rock guard panel that had blown away in 100 MPH winds last winter.  It actually looks better than the vintage panel so we may need to replace that as well.

Tom and Dad behind new screennew screen

The dogs are enjoying the new deck,

dogs enjoying new deck


as is Bruce, out new wine stopper.

bruce the wine stopper on deck

We listened to All Blues on my iPhone for the last time on KPLU before it becomes community owned on Wednesday.

all blues on iphone player

While we were enjoying our deck, Tom noticed two bucks that looked a lot like burnt stumps to me.

two bucks looking like stumps

Then they stood up and were more obvious.

bucks standing

Here is Mount Rainier in the fading light.

mount rainier in fading light

But the nice things about going away is that you appreciate home more when you come back.

duke sleeping on lawn mower at home

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  1. Diane cruikshank says:

    Wow! Looks like a beautiful spot.

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