Quick Trip to Portland

We traveled to Portland, Oregon by train yesterday early morning.  It was a beautiful sunny but cold day, and I greatly enjoyed knitting and the views along the way.

The Olympics were pretty with new snow behind the Puget Sound.

Just as we arrived in Portland the predicted snow began.  First it was a cold wind and sleet that hurt your eyes.  Then it changed to a fluffier softer snow.  We walked quickly to Mother’s Bistro and Bar from our hotel and were thrilled to be out of the cold, enjoying an outstanding and warm lunch.  

The chandeliers had ornaments  this time of year.

Everyone was stepping out to take selfies in the snowstorm so we did too.

I went on this trip because I had signed up for a class Thursday evening, but I received an email during the train trip that the class was cancelled due to inclement weather.  So rather than go to a class, we decided to go to a bar.  It looked us quite a while in a nasty snowstorm to find a cab to take us to Bushwacker’s Cider Bar in the Brooklyn neighborhood.  Here is Tom enjoying a cold one.

And here is their new cooler, doubling the amount of cider for sale.  

It took us an hour to get a cab back to our hotel.  I chose the Paramount because the room had a jacuzzi tub, which came in handy after battling the snow.  Most businesses including restaurants were closed, but we found a pizza place 1 block from our hotel.  We brought a pizza back and ate in bed watching Thursday Night Football.

The next morning was an icy mess.  We walked/skated back to Mother’s for breakfast.  Along the way there was this sign demonstrating the icing,

and this car is completely encased in ice (but I am not sure you can tell from the photo).  

We ate our hardy breakfasts, went back to the hotel, checked out and headed back to the train station to depart at noon.  I enjoyed knitting again, this time with foggy, snowy  views.

We really enjoy visiting Portland but are glad to be home again.

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2 Responses to Quick Trip to Portland

  1. Denise says:

    that sounds like a fun little trip. I’ve always wanted to take the train down sometime. was there much of a layover in Seattle?

    • Donna says:

      We actually drove down and caught the training Seattle because of the schedules. But picking up the train in Bellingham is great because you get to ride along Chuckanut. South of Everett can be closed sometimes because of mudslides and then you have to get on a bus. But the train is a great way to go if you have the time.


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