Back In The Barnyard Again


My stitches are out and my splint is removed.  So I went with Tom to do the animal chores for the first time in 12 days today.  It was painful with my broken toe and crushed finger but no harm was done (that I know of).  It has been snowing at night and melting in the day recently for us.  Even our porch gargoyle seems extra grumpy because of it.  But the cows seem oblivious to it.


It was nice being back with the animals again, although I could not do much heavy labor.  But I got to see Saphie beg a piece of granola bar from Tom which made it worth it.


So this afternoon I am concerned.  Our 17 year old cat Duke (nicknamed Doogie) is in surgery getting an eye removed.  Apparently it was injured, likely in a spat with our other indoor cat Chloe.  Then I put antibiotic and steroid drops in it for a few days which probably made it worse.  He is old, thin, and has chronic kidney disease so it is not certain that he will do well with the surgery.  But without the surgery he was going to have chronic pain and infection.  And he is not to the point where he should be euthanized.  So we are hoping our little buddy does OK today.


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  1. margaret says:

    Blessings for your yellowhead :]
    I lost mine in august they are special :]
    sorry about your finger,I know how you feel.I tore one of the muscles in my knee tripping over my sorrels! :]

  2. Oh jeez. I’m so sorry to read about your kitty. If it’s any consolation our dog had an eye removed (cancer) and she did wonderfully for.several years after that. Please MAKE SURE the vet sends you home with a kitty cone , our pup was.scratching non-stop at her (stitched) eye and I had to basically put her in a wrestling hold while my husband went to the farm store to buy one. I have NO idea why they didn’t send us home w one.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks! They called and Duke did well with the surgery and they should release him this afternoon. They said they would send him home with a collar but now I will make sure.

  3. Michelle says:

    Goodness, you must be feeling picked on by the universe – if it’s not one thing, it’s another! I hope you continue to heal and Doogie pulls through surgery and recovery.

  4. suz says:

    glad to see your msg above and that kitty should be coming home today. two of my five spat about every other day, and i worry about their eyes. also glad you are able to go “back to work.” i’m sure you were getting antsy. –suz in ohio

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Suz. I hope Duke forgives us and also feels better soon. I am not quite “back to work” but at least get out of the house briefly. My husband does not trust me not to injure myself again though.

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