Early Valentine’s Day


We are celebrating early since I have to work tomorrow.  We are doing a low-key dinner at home.  I based the dinner on King’s Landing.  I made Poudre Forte using the Grains of Paradise I purchased the other day.  Above is the mixture.  In the cookbook there is a great quote about this spice, “Powder-fort…seems to be a mixture likewise of the warmer spices, pepper, ginger &cc pulverized. -THE FORME OF CURY, 14TH CENTURY”

With the Poudre Forte I made Roast Boar (but had to substitute pig instead).  Here it is coming out of the oven.


To accompany this I made Oatbread.  It has dates and apple bits in it and was actually the best part of the meal (although the pork was good too).


We also had Sweetcorn fritters.  These are not sweet and actually did not have a lot of flavor so not that exciting.


For dessert (once we find some room in our stomachs), we are going to have Layered Coconut Cake.  This was an all day endeavor so hopefully is tasty.  Tom loves coconut cake so really want this one to be good.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

P.S. I have started a new blog dedicated to the food I am making from the Game of Thrones cookbook.  The first post is at https://feastsoficeandfire.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/first-blog-post


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4 Responses to Early Valentine’s Day

  1. Michelle says:

    Looks impressive; hope the cake meets expectations!

  2. Tina T-P says:

    Holy cow, woman – I just read “backwards” from your most recent post – you’ve certainly had a “if it’s not one thing it’s another” month. Hope your finger is doing better. (never did get to find out about your toe…) Sorry about your barn, although it looks like you were able to fix it up even better. Thank heavens for family to help in a situation like that. Will you be able to burn the cottonwood? Sorry about your sheep that you’ve lost too. I know where you might be able to get some to replace them in a few months – hint, hint.
    Happy Spring – I hope this season is looking up for you. XOX T.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Tina. It looks like we will not be able to burn the cottonwood so we are going to get creative with the larger pieces and chip the smaller ones. The barn is better and the finger is improving. Baring another catastrophe we should be able to keep our heads above water. We are trying to downsize on sheep so will not be tempted by your gorgeous lambs.


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