The Clean Up

The barn clean up and repair has begun.  Below is a photo of the bottom of the tree that fell, to try to give you idea of how tall it was.  The trunk is just to the right of the shelter near the middle of the photo. and extends to the left.


And then it extends over the barn and unto the other side.

Tom and his kid Thomas cut the tree into sections and Tom moved them off the barn with the tractor.

I moved the branches from the other side of the barn in the pen and on the roof.  I put them in with the goats and they helped get rid of them.

Thomas cut the larger portions of the tree into rounds.

Here is the barn after the tree was removed.

And here are the goats, a little freaked out still.

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  1. Michelle says:

    What a mess! Glad you have some help at least. Hope insurance comes through for you.

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