Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It rained a lot yesterday and the highest temperature I saw was 47 degrees.  It is snowing in the mountains.  It is our winter weather at the latter half of May.  We received almost 2 inches in the last two days.

almost 2 inches in 2 days

Almost all of the critters at Schoonvoer Farm are sick of it (including us!).  It has been a long wet winter and now a long wet spring.  Sydney is tired of standing in wet pasture.

Sydney in wet pasture

The only ones here not upset about it is the surviving 9 turkey chicks,

turkey chicks

the fish in tanks in the house, the wild ducks and the geese.

ducks and geese swimming in pasture

The runoff and resulting damage from the development behind us is tremendous.

In funner news. the pigs are settling in and enjoying their first bagel.

first bagel

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  1. 47 degrees?! Come check out my post, it was 84 in PA today. My husband and I went to Washington state for our honeymoon… In June… I think the highest it got was 70.

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