died today.  He was the last of the pre-relationship house animals.  He was born in January 2000, and Tom got him at one year old.  Tom thought he was a cool red cat and wanted him.  And he was a cool cat.  He never caused any problems.  If he wanted affection he would just sit next to you and wait.  He was an indoor and outdoor cat.  When I met Tom, Doogie (AKA Duke) was a tomcat, and there were several kittens that looked like him in the neighborhood.  I had him neutered and those days were over.  He then settled into being house cat and moved onto the farm without any problems.  Recently he slowed down and started losing weight.  His eye was injured and had to be removed.  Then we found out he had kidney failure.  He then developed a dental abscess and although that was treated he never recovered.  We have been trying to spoil him, making the end of his life as nice as possible.  Just last night I was petting him on the couch but today life left him.  He will be deeply missed.

Shilo, Duke and Tom on couch March 2005

chloe&doogiein chair 9:2006

Chloe and Doogie September 2006

Duke 10:2007

Doogie October 2007

raindeerdoogie 12:2008

Doogie with reindeer horns December 2008

doogie and coat 1:2011

Doogie on Tom’s coat January 2011

duke 4:2011

Doogie in April 2011

sleeping max and doogie 6:2011

Max and Doogie sleeping, June 2011

duke 1:2013

Duke January 2013

Doogie 1:2014

Doogie January 2014

doogie under tree 12:2014

Dodge under Christmas tree December 2014

doogie and knitting 6:2015

Doogie and knitting June 2015

Tom Thomas William and Doogie 6:2016

Tom Thomas William and Doogie 6:2016


duke sleeping on lawn mower at home 8:2016

Duke sleeping on lawn mower August 2016

Doogie at the vet 2:2017

Doogie at the vet February 2017

thin doogie sleeping 5:2017

Thin Doogie sleeping May 2017


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9 Responses to Doogie

  1. Denise says:

    so sorry to hear about Doogie. He was a cool guy. And what a great cat life he had hanging with you guys and all the critters on the farm (and with knitting projects to snuggle up with). Rest in Peace Duke.

  2. Michelle says:

    The end of an era; my condolences to both of you. :’-(

  3. Teresa says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss.

  4. Kathy says:

    I am so, so sorry to hear of Doogie’s passing, Donna.
    May he journey well, meet old friends, and be waiting at the Bridge to see you both when it’s the proper time for a reunion.
    Blessed be.

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