The Ends Of The Timpano And Tiramisu

So we are tired of eating timpano and tiramisu.  I froze one piece of timpano but do not see the need to freeze any more, and I do not think the tiramisu will freeze well.  So today the animals got treats.

Askley, Rhett  and Scarlett got the tiramisu.

pigs eating tiramisu

These are the sounds of pigs enjoying their food.

The chickens got the timpano.  Here is the start of it,

chickens starting timpano

here is the 3.5 minutes of them devouring it,

and here it is after 10 minutes.

the end of the timpano

Needless to say, it is gone.

In other bird news, I noticed how pretty the peacock’s breast feathers sere today,

peacock breast feathers

and I noticed geese flying north rather late in the spring.

I hope you had  a great Sunday.

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