My 20th Goativersary

was yesterday. I fell in love with Pygmy goats when I was a child at the Puyallup Fair. So once I became an adult with some property, one of my first tasks was getting Pygmy goats. I found a lady in Ellensburg selling 2 doelings so I went to buy them. Then she convinced me that I needed a weathered kid as well. So I bought Annie, Carrie and Ben. 

I brought them to my dad’s cabin near there first where they met his kittens. None of them were too sure about the other species which made for cute photos. 

I brought them home and enjoyed their company. Annie died after a c-section so I then decided to switch to Nigerian Dward goats. Carrie died after a fight with a ram. Ben died of old age. 

They were my first livestock. Unfortunately for them it was a learning experience. But I hope they enjoy their time with me as I did with them.  And 20 years later I still have goats and cannot imagine a life without them 

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  1. eliz martin says:

    Our first goat was also a pygmy, “Magic”, a bottle baby from a friend….was always a true love.

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