Hay 2017

So this year the hay was ready to be put up when I was scheduled to work and Tom’s kid’s back is hurting.  So I put out a call for help on facebook and received several responses.  A co-worker’s and a Bow neighbor’s kids came to help.



Here is the hay in the loft.  I sure wish I could transmit electronically the smell of new hay.  It is amazing.

Here is Tom feeding some of the loose hay to the critters the next morning.

feeding loose hay

Here is the hay barn with hay.

hay barn full

And here are two photos of Tom bringing the empty hay wagon back to the neighbor.

Tom bringing empty hay wagon backhay wagon

It is such a great feeling knowing we have feed for the critters for the winter months.  And the largest farm chore of the year is over, without any injuries.

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6 Responses to Hay 2017

  1. Michelle says:

    Well done! I am hopeful that we will get the rest of what we need from our favorite hay supplier. We took all the first cutting he could give us, and indicated there should be some second cutting. And if that’s not enough, there will hopefully be some third cutting!

  2. Liz says:

    I can smell it from here!

  3. Denise says:

    So glad you were able to find some strong backs to help out. Isn’t fresh hay smell just the best? Almost intoxicating-

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