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So goats are amazing browsers.  The old donkey pen was devastated when the cottonwoods came down on it.  Their fence and shelter were knocked down, the pen overgrew with foliage, and there is wood debris everywhere.  About two weeks ago, Tom repaired the fence and we put the goats in to clear it out.  Here are photos he took as the goats went in on 8/29.


Here are photos I took of the back of the donkey pen on 8/28, the day before they went in.

overgrown donkey pen back 828

Here is the back fenceline on 8/28.

fenceline donkey pen 828

Here is the front of the pasture on 9/1.

front 901

This is the back of the pasture on 9/1.

back 901

And this is along the back fenceline on 9/1.

fenceline 901

And here are photos of the pasture on 9/4.

front of donkey pen 9:4back of donkey pen 9:4fenceline of donkey pen

So they cleared it out nicely.  We will fix the donkey shelter and get the donkeys back again.  And we will have a nice bonfire party this winter.

In other news, it is hot here.  Here is what a hot, black, panting sheep looks like.

hot panting sheepHere is what a hot angora rabbit trying to cool on a concrete floor looks like.

hot angora rabbit

In yet other farm news.  The babies from the spring are going up.  Here are some of the turkeys.


Here are some of the goslings.

goslings in swimming pool

And here are the hogs demonstrating what it means to eat like a pig.

And a Sunny update.  She is hospitalized with an obstruction of the outlet of her bladder, kidney failure, and very bloody urine.  She also has inflammation of her intestines.  The vet is not quite sure what the underlying cause is and was trying to leaving the urine catheter in, give her antibiotics for a urine infection and IV fluids.  As of this morning she was not improving and things were not looking good.  But this evening her urine is clearing, she is starting to eat and walk around. So the vet is “cautiously optimistic”. In the morning they will repeat her kidney tests, take out her catheter and she how she does.  Please send your healing thoughts about our suffering beagle.  We want her home again, running around and howling.



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  1. Denise says:

    sending positive healing thoughts to Sunny. poor girl. hope she is home and howling soon.

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