Three Goose Fuzzy Butts in a Mud Puddle and Other Farm News

So my long-planned vacation had to be cancelled because of Sunny’s illness.  So we have been hanging around at home, trying to attend to her needs.  Yesterday morning I woke up in a funk, feeling sad.  But as the day wore on, my outlook improved.  I saw the fuzzy butts swimming in a puddle and smiled.   My mom came to visit, and we had a nice farm lunch.  But then I got the bright idea to pick blackberries.  Things we going well.  It was sunny but not too hot.  I went out back where the native blackberries grow.  I was daydreaming about whether Alice (for whom Alice Bay is name after) picked the same blackberries here.  Then out of nowhere I was under attack.  One bee got me several times in the left hand, another in the right second finger and another got me in the right ear and then got caught in my hair.  I ran away and swatted the bee out of my hair.  The stings hurt like crazy as I made the walk back to the house for some cold water and Benadryl.  And I knew I was screwed for the rest of my “vacation”  I basically slept on Benadryl since then, missing dinner.  I woke up this morning and my right hand is so swollen it is barely functional.  The left isn’t as bad nor is the ear.  Tom went out and found this:

He end up destroying two bald-faced hornets nests in the same blackberries I was picking.  This one was over 1 foot in diameter.  So at least the nests are gone, but now I am really limited in what I can do without a right hand and groggy on Benadryl.  So much for my vacation.

Sunny update:  She is doing OK.  We can get her to eat about 1 pound of meat per day.  She is peeing some and we are hand expressing her ~4 times per day.  Yesterday it was a little painful for her so that’s a problem.  She mostly lays around, not the energetic beagle we are used to.  She did howl at mom in greeting her, and she does wag her tail sometimes.  She starting to put on some weight but still is too skinny.

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9 Responses to Three Goose Fuzzy Butts in a Mud Puddle and Other Farm News

  1. Mom says:

    Sorry about the hornet bites, they are the worst.

  2. Michelle says:

    YEE-OUCH! I don’t go out to pick fruit unless it’s in the cool dawn hours because of yellowjackets.

  3. You really do seem to have had more than your share of bad luck this year. Here’s hoping it turns around soon.

  4. Tina T-P says:

    Poor Donna – sorry about your stings – Your hand sounds miserable. We have these little ground bees here and it never failed that I would get stung by one when I was out in the garden. They don’t seem to bother The Shepherd so he doesn’t seem to see the necessity to get rid of them, but their stings hurt like the dickens

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Tina! As of yesterday both my hands were pretty swollen and hard to use. So far today they are better. Thankfully my ear never swelled much. The Benadryl is making me barely functional though. I do not like bald faced hornets.


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