I Get Home To Flooding

These are some of the images Tom texted me this morning while I was still trying to get home. He wrote that there was water everywhere and no point in trying to sandbag, but it was not time to evacuate yet.

I posted these on Facebook while freaking out and feeling helpless. I received many nice offers for help. While I was flying into Bellingham I saw the Flooding around the Nooksack River.

It was dumping rain as we drove home from the airport. This is Friday Creek on the way home.

This is a very recent mudslide and fallen tree further on the way home.

Here is the water rushing off Park Ridge over the road and down the road taking out our neighbor’s driveway, another neighbors yard and then into our orchard.

Here is the Samish River at Grip Road further past our place.

And this is Swede Creek just a little further.

This is our place.

And this is our orchard. The water from here is traveling quickly through our back yard and adding to the flooding in our fields.

And here are our fields.

The majority of the animals are hunkered down in the not-yet-flooded barn. The cows and llama are in wet fields but do not seem to mind. The geese are loving it.

Tom was right. As the water is coming in from all directions to our farm, there is not much point in sandbagging. We did check that there is still an evacuation route to the hill behind us. And best of all the rain is letting up.

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7 Responses to I Get Home To Flooding

  1. Michelle says:

    Well, that would ruin any relaxation from your vacation! =:-O

  2. Karen says:

    Really sorry. Hope your animals are safe. Hating this soggy winter.

  3. Jeanne says:

    I’m very sorry about the flooding. My sister who lives east of Tacoma said there’s a lot of rain predicted for this week! I hope that report was wrong!

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