Gutter is a post from a favorite blogger I follow on the Shetland Islands.  From the post “This time of year when horse folk In Shetland (and Scotland) ask you how you are doing this winter, the standard reply is “there is just so much gutter about” and then you both look sadly at the ground and nod in agreement.”

Per Scottish National Dictionary “GUTTERn., v. Also gittergaittergittarguittergootar. Sc. usages. [Sc. ′gʌtər, m. and s.Sc. ′gøt-, ′gɪt-]. In1. (1) Gen. in pl.: thick mud, mire, muddy puddles (Dmf. 1825 Jam., gitter; Ayr. 1923 Wilson Dial. Burnsgitters, 166; Rxb. 1942 Zai; I., n. and m.Sc. 1955); “the foul, muddy sediment which remains in sinks and open street drains after the water has been drawn off” (Uls. 1924 W. Lutton Montiaghisms); a muddy dirty mess (Sc. 1825 Jam.)”

I love this!!!  Above is our gutter that we have to slog through with our cart with a bale of hay and a bucket of grain every day to get to the cows.  And below is the gutter on my boots and jeans that I get every day.

I totally understand this conversation from 1/2 a world away.  So much gutter about and look sadly at the ground.

In somewhat hopeful news that this might end someday, it is now light at 5:30 PM here.  There are buds on the orchard’s trees (which means Tom is urgently pruning).  I heard some frogs croaking the other day, and the croci are emerging.


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4 Responses to Gutter

  1. Michelle says:

    Yes, spring is coming, which is followed by my LEAST favorite season…. Fortunately, we don’t have as much gutter here!


  2. Jeanne says:

    That could also be called yucky!


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