Memphis Trip #2

We then flew to Memphis via Atlanta. This was a mistake as it would have been cheaper and easier to drive. But we made the best of it. Here is a cider from Tennessee in the Nashville airport.

And this is a Georgia cider in the Atlanta airport.

Between two of the concourses in Atlanta, there was an amazing art installation above the moving walkway.

It was very relaxing.

We then checked into the Talbot Heirs in Memphis. This is our room.

We then ate at the Rendezvous barbecue as it was close by.

Then we went to Beale Street. By sheet coincidence there was an amazing motorcycle show there.

Here is a 1973 CB 500 E, very similar to my bike.

Here is a 1973 RD 350.

Here is a chopper trike.

This is a lighted low rider motorized bicycle.

And this is sunset over Beale Street.

This one had a small block Chevy motor.

And there was a parade of motorcycles riding through. I was impressed by the large numbers of black motorcycle riders.

We then brought our adult beverages to the W. C. Handy park for some live music.

“That Guy” was playing there. They were really good. We got to meet some of the local homeless there as well.

The next morning we headed to the National Civil Rights Museum. It was still incredible moving to me, and Tom thought it was really good.

After that we headed to Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken. It is the best fried chicken we have ever had.

Then we went to an architectural salvage business in an old warehouse near there.

We gave up due to the heat and humidity and escaped into the Peabody lobby. We met up with Al and Mom, sipped cocktails and watched the duck march.

Then we headed to Central Barbecue for an amazing smoked rib dinner.

Tom and I then tried to head to Beale Street but there was a very loud, free country concert that was obnoxious so we retreated to Silver Platters bar for ciders and baseball on TV.

The next morning we met up with Mom and Al and headed to the Mud Island Museum. They had a fascinating history of the Mississippi River there.

Mississippi River model

Early steamboat model

Then we headed to the Blues Hall of Fame.

Here is Tom checking out some books there.

And some art in the lobby.

Then we headed to Beale Street. Here is a band at WC Handy Club.

And here is a singer and piano player at Silky O’Sullivan’s bar.

The next morning Al and Mom went back to Indiana. Tom and I went to Sun Studios.

For lunch we went to a Venezuelan restaurant.

And then we headed to Stax Studios.

We stopped outside WEVL, our favorite Memphis radio station.

And we took the trolley around town as it was too hot to walk.

We landed at Max’s Sports Bar where we were able to simultaneously watch the Mariners and the UW Huskies play baseball.

We thought about visiting Beale Street again but the security was too intense.

Before we left Memphis we watched the duck march again, this time from the mezzanine.

We visited Schwab’s old store on Beale Street.

And we visited the Metal Museum.

There we watched huge barges go up the Mississippi.

We will then headed to the Memphis airport which is a major Fedex hub.

and we flew home, ready to return home but having enjoyed our trips.

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7 Responses to Memphis Trip #2

  1. Jeanne says:

    The bikes were interesting! I would have really enjoyed the metal museum.

    • Donna says:

      The bikes were the favorite part of my trip. The Metal Museum is really wonderful. I wish we could have stayed longer.


  2. Michelle says:

    Donna, are you guys going to BSG this year? And if so, would you be able to transport a small yearling ram? He would fit in a large dog crate if you have one. I have someone in Auburn very interested in him.

    • Donna says:

      We are taking the train to BSG this year so cannot bring a ram with us. Sorry.


      • Michelle says:

        Oh, that’s right. Thanks anyway, and let me know if you know of anyone else from the Seattle area going.

      • Donna says:

        I was going to ask on the NW Shetland group who was going this year. I know John and Tina are not but there must be others from Washington going. I think the new location is spooking people. But it is a little closer.


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