Temple Grandin’s Working With Farm Animals

I finished this book and am impressed.  The last two pages really got to me.  She came to the same conclusions that took me almost 50 years to make.  She wrote “These animals would never have been born if people had not bred them. They would not have known life.  I feely very strongly that all animals that are raised for food should be raised i  systems where they have a decent life.”  “When examining the ethical issues of slaughter, one must not forget that nature can be very harsh.”  “We owe farm animals a good life and a calm, painless, human death..”

“If we lose respect for the animals, we lose respect for ourselves.  It is a sobering experience to be a caring person, yet design a device that will kill large numbers of animals.  When I completed this project, I had a feeling of great satisfaction knowing that the animals were to be treated with care right to the end, But still I cried all the way to the airport.”

I was crying heavily at this point in the book.  Killing animals is hard.

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  1. Michelle says:

    One of her lines that has stuck with me is “Nature is cruel; humans don’t have to be.” Yep, and I’ll remain a vegetarian!

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