Cows and Crows

This is from the other morning.  I was feeding the cows and llama on a cold foggy morning.  They are no longer getting grain but are getting hay and some bread.


The foggy on the hill behind them was spooky.  It almost looked like smoke from a fire.

I had been putting the bread near the hay, assuming that the large cows would intimidate the local birds not to try and take it.  This morning it was apparent that this plan was not working with the crows.  This crow walked right up to the calves eating their hay,

grabbed a slide of bread,

and walked off with it.

Another crow had already flown away with another slide of bread.  As much as it is fun to see the crows flying with large pieces of baked goods in their beaks (bagels are especially funny) it is not economical for us to be buying them bread.  So I will try to find another system.

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