Getting Ready for the Bow Farmers Market Holiday Festival

We have been busy.  First I dyed some more yarn to sell.  I used Greener Shades dye to make these purple skeins from our Shetland yarn.  We have lots of dyed and natural colored yarn for sale.

purple dyes skeins

Then Tom and I felted backings onto some of our fleeces.  Here is the felting station on our back porch.

rug felting table

We did this on Monday and Tuesday, and it was a lot of work.  They had been drying since, and today I finished them.  Here they are stacked up in our living room.

felted fleeces

Today I also made some holiday themed bath bombs.  These are great for relaxing and for stocking stuffers.

Holiday bath bombsbath bomb oils

We will also have rovings, raw and washed fleeces, and homemade leather goods for sale.  So come by and say hi tomorrow between 10 and 4 at the Edison Elementary School.

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  1. How do you felt the backs of your fleeces? So much better than buying a skin! Love these!! What do you charge, and where is the show exactly?

  2. Denise says:

    ooh. love that purple! pretty, pretty!

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