Logan Died Today

He was born 4/27/02 to a Maple Falls ram George and our ewe Loretta. He had a beautiful chocolate brown color so he was wethered and kept for his lovely wool. On August 20 he moved with us to our current farm. Here he is just after the move.

Here he is in 2005.

Here he is 2009. He was always afraid of us but never caused us any problems.

Here he is being sheared in 2010.

And just before shearing in 2015.

Here he is in 2017. He had been getting old and thin. And he went blind.

We kept him separate from the main flock and fed him special foods. He hung out with our other blind sheep Mutiny until she died. He seemed more sad since she died, hanging outside. Then our recent cold weather did him in.

He lived a long and hopefully happy life.

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10 Responses to Logan Died Today

  1. Eliz martin says:

    Am sorry, I lost my oldest llama too 2days ago. I want to believe they are warm and without care or want. It’s been an interesting year for you. 💚

  2. Denise says:

    so sorry Donna. Rest in Peace Logan.

  3. Jeanne says:

    It’s hard to lose such a beautiful friend. He surely was a lovely color.

  4. Sally Tibbits says:

    Awww…so sorry. What a wonderfully long life he lived, I bet he gave you many, many yards of beautiful yarn.

  5. Lois Moore says:

    You know how well I understand Donna…they become dearer and dearer, and we do try to make their old age as comfortable as possible. Living out his years at your farm was a true blessing for Logan.

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