Our Animals and the Snow

So it snowed last night, and this morning we had about 2 inches at our place, and it was continuing to come down hard.

When we went to do the chores, the sheep and the geese were out in it and not seeming to mind it at all.

The cows and llama seemed OK with it as well.

The donkeys briefly came out of their shelter to greet me, and then went right back in.

They are not fans of the snow.  Steve was running around in it and even eating it.

The goats will not venture out into it.  This is as far as Shorty would go, and the rest of the goats are in the barn.

The chickens hate it as well.  Here is Little Man and one of hen looking out at it.

They did cross the snow to get to this shed and looks like they are going stay put until it all melts.

This young rooster is not interested in going any further.

So it is not just the humans here that are sick of the snow.

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2 Responses to Our Animals and the Snow

  1. Jeanne says:

    Can’t blame them either!
    Do you have any idea how much you got in inches? That big snowfall we got here came down so fast and heavy, that it settled. We had 12-16″ I would guess.
    The hardest part is seeing what happened to our beloved contorted filbert tree. It may never be as beautiful again. The whole crown was shattered.

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