Moni was born to our Shetland sheep Jocko and Mona in April 2007.

Moni, April 2007

Here she is one month later.

Moni, May 2007

And with lead training that July.

Moni in 07/2007

Here is John showing her at the Skagit County Fair one month later.

Moni being showed by John, 08/2007

Moni being shown by John, 08/2007

She was also shown at the Puyallup Fair that year and won 2nd place Shetland ewe lamb, first place young flock and get of sire and 1st place ewe lambs with Amanda.  She also won first place Ladies lead junior.    John Park bought her after that, and here is her fleece at the Black Sheep Gathering 1 year later.

Moni’s fleece in 2008

John kept Moni until 2010 when she came back here.  She still had amazing fleeces.  here are her locks from her 2011 fleece.

Moni’s locks 03/2011

And this continued until 2016.

Moni’s locks 04/2016

Here she is in 2016 at 9+ years old.

Moni in 11/2016

But then her health and wool declined.

sheared Moni in May 2017

This spring she became thinner and less active.  She then lost interest in eating and today she died.  It is a sad day here at Schoonover Farm.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Dear Donna – I’m so sorry about Moni. She had some really great fleeces!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hugs, Donna.

  3. Jackie craw says:

    So sorry!

  4. FullyFleeced says:

    So sorry Donna. Rest in peace Moni. ♥

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