Washing Fleeces

Today, the forecast shows no rain for a couple of days so I decided to wash some wool fleeces.  Here is Jet’s in the tub of hot water and Dawn (I ran out of Power Scour).And here are the 4 fleeces laid out to dry.

Dete’s white Cotswold fleece I hope to sell.  The other three Shetland fleeces I intend on making batts with to use to make rugs.  I am glad to have this task over.

In addition today I swept out the hay loft.  We are hoping to have it full of luscious hay soon.

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  1. Farn life keeps us busy year round. Your fleeces look good!

  2. Really interested in how you wash them as I am stockpiling them, paralyzed in fear. Don’t want to gunge up the septic tank or muck up the fleece by doing it wrong.

    • Donna says:

      I put them in the old washing tub on the back porch with hot water and Power Scour or Dawn. I move teh fleece in the hot water very little and then drain the dirty water into the backyard. I would not put it in the septic system. I then do two hot water rinses, trying to keep the same temperature each time and moving the fleece as little as possible but still trying to get it clean. During this process I pick out any VM I see. I then let it drain, squeezing it a little. I let it drain more and then put it on a large towel, roll it up in it and stomp on the towel to try to get more moisture out. Then I lay it out on a clean panel on the back porch to dry. That is my process. There are other better ones I am sure but mine works for me. But with this method you should not muck up your fleeces. So go ahead and tackle your stockpile. For me, it is weather dependent as I am using our porch so now is the perfect time.

  3. Jeanne says:

    That’s quite a procedure! Maybe my daughter already knows how to do it.
    I’ve never heard of Power Scour.

    • Donna says:

      I would assume she has a version of this. It is quite a procedure but totally worth it. Power Scour is designed for cleaning raw fleeces and does a good job. I am trying to find some more but the shipping costs are prohibitive. I have bought it at Black Sheep before.

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