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I came home from work this morning to 2 tons of hay to load into the hay loft.  The cows appear to approve of it.

When we were done, I had lifted all of the bales onto the elevator, and Tom had stacked them in the loft.  I tried to take a photo of my tools, but it look like the hay hook got covered up by the towel.  Which is unfortunate as it is the most dramatic as well as helpful tool I have (apart from the elevator).

In other news, last month our peahen was behind the barn wall.  I was worried she was stuck so dug her out, but then she abandoned the egg she had laid there (we had lost our previous pen hen trapped behind a wall on a nest too).  Anyway, we decided to leave the egg in a nest box and see if one of the chicken hens wanted to set on it.  Well, one did, but she also sat on a few chickens eggs too.  So now we two chicken chicks (but no peachicks) with more possibly coming.  I had moved them to our weasel proof pen to keep them safe.

The blackberries are going crazy in the back forty (four).  So we decided to let the goats out there to eat them in the daytime.  I am also picking the berries to make wine.

That is the news from Schoonover Farm.  Tom will pick up another 1/2 ton of hay tomorrow morning, and we will load that into the loft.  Then we should have enough hay to last the year.  It is always a huge relief to have our hay for the winter safely stored away.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Tho be great when you have all the hay you need. It’s a lot of work, though, getting it stored in the barn. I’m sorry you don’t have any peachicks.
    There are people in this area who have goats which they “rent” out to others who need to get rid of blackberry vines. Of course some one has to be there with them all the time.

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